The competitive business life makes it necessary that the information flow will be directed and managed within a Supply Chain consisting of “supplier-producer-client” as the corporate applications will be enriched by e-business.

The New Millenium in the epoch of interactive Information has brought new dimensions to competition regarding this new business management on the electronic platform, and has also changed the capacity of the criteria consisting of Quality-Cost-Time.

The Electronic Business (e-business) covers the Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) and is forming a business model by coordination and integration of the elements such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Beginning of Information Mark (BIM) related to an enterprise on an electronic platform. By means of the E-Business Model you will have the possibility to do shopping and business on the internet without having the geographical limitations.

Islem Computer Systems supplies you with the appropriate and effective tools by using the E-Business Solutions in order to determine exactly the Market Targets, to increase the sale chanells, and to obtain new clients on new markets. Thanks to the development of the internet technologies, it has been enabled to integrate all processes and contact points.
Due to the development of the Web compatible systems a platform has been created where all the functions and channels of the enterprises can operate simultaneously.

Islem Computer Systems is your successful and reliable Business Partner for your E-Business Solutions.

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