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We understand that achieving the desired outcome necessitates a precise and effective solution. We've brought together a youthful and innovative staff with our 21 years of tourism and aviation experience. We will continue to maintain the Tursys quality standard with a business strategy built on mutual trust, without making any compromises on our solution-oriented ideas.

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Airline Online
Reservation Solutions

Airline companies who conduct scheduled charter and split-charter operations need low-cost and fare-base business models. Get to know our safe solutions in online reservation and management systems for those type of business models.

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Tour Operator Online
Reservation Solutions

We have developed dynamic or traditional packaging systems for Tour Operators who want to merge their carefully planned products such as plane, hotel or cruise and enrich them with auxiliary service products.

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Consolidator Online
Reservation Solutions

This solution is developed for consolidators who receive the most appropriate flight data from external systems and gather these alternatives with the target audience in their own reservations and sales system.

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  • Profitable at low cost
  • Content management at its most advanced
  • Management is simple and quick
  • Web design that adapts to different screen sizes
  • Apps for mobile devices (iOS, Android)
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