Programming (Software development)

The Internet and Internet Programming which initially served as units to transmit static (constant) data, form nowadays an interactive, dynamic (varibale) universe where you can communicate with others, make your bank transactions or find the information regarding a certain subject based on today’s developing social needs.

BöIn accordance with the arrangement of the information on such a vast platform and easy accessibility of persons, the static web sites will be replaced very rapidly by interactive web pages which were prepared by specific programming languages. The facilities you can have nowadays, such as hosting your web site or different platforms to save the information (like Microsoft or Linux Solutions), have at the same time given rise to programming languages which will be used to design interactive web sites. These programming languages which can be used alternatively regarding different elements like performance, cost are within the specialization areas of Islem Computer Systems. Because of that Islem Computer Systems has intensified its operations on projects like e-business which require intensive knowledge.

Hereunder you will find a list of programming languages which will be used for application and development within the Islem Computer Systems:

-Micros-Microsoft Visual Basic Script
-Microsoft Visual C# Script
-Ajax, Xml, XHTML, DHTML
-Microsoft Visual Basic (MTS App., Object and ActiveX Development vb.) -Microsoft Active Server Pages
-Borland Delphi (MTS, Object and ActiveX Development, CGI App. vb.)
-Dynamic Flash Script

Islem Computer Systems which aims at high technology, speed, safety, compatibility, and platform independent solutions is following this mission in regard of the services. Whichever programming language (HTML, ASP, PHP etc.) you have on your web site or whichever server type (MS Sql or Interbase etc.) you use at your database application, our company is providing the support of global technologies to its clients.

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