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Islem Computer Systems produces user friendly and original Web pages with its experienced team consisting of web designers and programmers. It is using the most up-to-date WEB technologies with the most efficient software and hardware systems to produce WEB pages which are flexible and fast.

WEB design and WEB programming are being developed side by side. Islem Computer Systems uses the most advanced, flexible, and user friendly Web technologies. Using WEB software like ASP.Net and Ajax it can produce pages with high performance.

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The competitive business life makes it necessary that the information flow will be directed and managed within a Supply Chain consisting of “supplier-producer-client” as the corporate applications will be enriched by e-business.

The New Millenium in the epoch of interactive Information has brought new dimensions to competition regarding this new business management on the electronic platform, and has also changed the capacity of the criteria consisting of Quality-Cost-Time.

The Electronic Business (e-business) covers the Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) and is forming a business model by coordination and integration of the elements such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Beginning of Information Mark (BIM) related to an enterprise on an electronic platform. By means of the E-Business Model you will have the possibility to do shopping and business on the internet without having the geographical limitations.

Islem Computer Systems supplies you with the appropriate and effective tools by using the E-Business Solutions in order to determine exactly the Market Targets, to increase the sale chanells, and to obtain new clients on new markets. Thanks to the development of the internet technologies, it has been enabled to integrate all processes and contact points.Due to the development of the Web compatible systems a platform has been created where all the functions and channels of the enterprises can operate simultaneously.

Software Development

The Internet and Internet Programming which initially served as units to transmit static (constant) data, form nowadays an interactive, dynamic (varibale) universe where you can communicate with others, make your bank transactions or find the information regarding a certain subject based on today’s developing social needs.

BöIn accordance with the arrangement of the information on such a vast platform and easy accessibility of persons, the static web sites will be replaced very rapidly by interactive web pages which were prepared by specific programming languages. The facilities you can have nowadays, such as hosting your web site or different platforms to save the information (like Microsoft or Linux Solutions), have at the same time given rise to programming languages which will be used to design interactive web sites. These programming languages which can be used alternatively regarding different elements like performance, cost are within the specialization areas of Islem Computer Systems. Because of that Islem Computer Systems has intensified its operations on projects like e-business which require intensive knowledge.

Server Co-location

Nowadays you have two choices to publish your web site on the internet. The first one is to rent a line and have the server within your company in order to publish the web applications via this server; the second one is getting service from a company with hosting services.

Islem Computer Systems has hosting services at the Versatel Data Centre in Amsterdam which is an important point in Europe in this regard. This way you will be protected from defects, extra charges such as server, uninterruptible power supply , generator, as well as from various securiy risks.

Domain Name

It is necessary to register the domain name so that your company can have its web site under its own name and it can use e-mail addresses. For the domain name you can use the international signs like com, net, nl , be , de , or national signs like,


Co-location services will be provided by giving you a fast and secure internet connection at the data centre of Tursys Technology B.V. – Amsterdam where you can configure your server according to your own wishes. At the data centre there are back up systems, air conditioning and alarm systems, security and cyrptic security, special cabins, and many other data control systems.

Standart services offered with the co-location services

- Security (Firewall , IPS/IDP)
- Bandwidth guarantee
- Customer relations support
- Infrastructure that can be developed according to needs

Service offered with the co-location services

- Back up
- Operating system support
- Standby server and bite support
- Bandwidth and statistical reporting

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