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Fleet Scheduler (Schedule Planning System)
You can plan your seasonal schedule and vision easily on a single data system. Performance analyses can be made with comparisons to the past flights and you can get all your reports very easily due to flights managed from one center. You can share the instant information with other departments. This system will adapt itself very easily to your needs due to its flexible structure.

Crew Planner (Crew Planning system)
The crew planning system is ready-to-operate and operates also on the flight data received from the schedule planning and on the data like training and vacation received from other departments. As this system is based on rules, it can be adapted to the structure of your company and you can also make your crew planning. Anyway you can get the flight hours, crew performance reports from the program or from the internet very easily if you are in another part of the world.

AirEx-Cost Control & Flight Statistic (After the Flight)
This is the system to follow up all the information realised after the flight. Although the program is a ready-to-operate, it can produce registrations from type-B messages automatically as it is exchanging messages with other programs.

By using our program AirEx which follows up the direct operation costs and makes the reporting, you can track your invoices of Catering, Handling, Landing, Overflights and Fuel. With our program used for double invoicing and contract control, you can manage all your statistical and reporting duties.

Trainer (Training Planning)
It is a training planning program. It is a matter of a system enabling the follow -up of the actions before and after the training planning in regard of the whole flight crew. The program is ready-to-operate and can be integrated at the same time to other programs.

TypeB Handler (Message Interpretation)
Type-B is a full automatic system adapting the messages to the system by interpreting them. This way your Type-B messages received from SITA or other similar systems will be interpreted instantaneously by a machine and the registrations will be continous.

SMS Sender (SMS Services)
With this system the messages produced automatically by the system or written especially will be sent to the mobile phones. The program is ready-to-operateand if you want, it can be integrated to other systems.

Erups (Report Delivery)
It can scan all the data in the system and can provide automatic report delivery produced for private use only. The system works at the back without disturbing the user and mixes the data at certain intervals so that it informs the user with a simple sign.

Intranet (Intranet)
This is a system by means of which all the systems are coordinated on the intranet so that the teams can exchange views and cooperate with eachother. It is a high speed method that can be accessed from anywhere on the world. The Flight Crews can access reports like flight time, duty roster, and employee information via intranet very easily. You can inform all teams about notifications your company has made. The reports after the flight and similar documents can be followed up very easily via intranet.

NET Reporter (Reporting)
It provides the report issue via internet also in PDF form which are received with the program. The reports can be worked out by a simple interface without any programming knowledge.

NET Examinator (Online Exam System)
This is the online exam system via internet. You can subject your teams to exams and follow up their performances. By means of advance tests you can provide your teams with better training processes.

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